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2016: The Year of Social & Video

This past week Branden and I were discussing the newest social media trends, and the power of mobile + video. I did some quick research followed by an internal email with compiled 2015 trends and 2016 predictions. The email became inspiration for a year-ending blog post, because why not? Since no Predictions post needs more than a 4 sentence intro, let’s get to it.

Six Social & Video Marketing for 2016 Thoughts

1. Lower production quality is ok.

So Starbucks is doing something neat with some of their latest video work; being a bit lower in overall production quality. This is something we’re seeing more of across industries, as well as stop-motion animations. I’ve seen friends (as well as clients) stop their thumbs mid-scroll and say, “Oh, nevermind, that’s a Starbucks ad. Looked like something a friend may have taken… Cool, though.” The same can be said of their product imagery, seen here.

2. Video Bloggers: Use at your own discretion

Video bloggers (akavloggers) – build trust with their following, but can be unknowingly detrimental to themselves, as well as your brand. The key: You must keep people wanting to see what they are up to nextAudiences are typically young, and vloggers should be careful to keep their interest and not overstep boundaries.

“Perhaps an agency becoming involved and lining up vloggers for the likes of Unilever and Lego is just what the vlogger channel needs – grownups who know the rules and will ensure transparency.” Couldn’t agree more, MediaPost.

3. Virtual reality. Mobile/Social video growth. 360 Degrees.

4. Facebook video ads > TV ads: an ROI a long time in the making!

Credit: Nanigans

[Credit: Nanigans]

5. Instagram: 30 second “Marquee” video ads leave a big impression for the big brands


6. Cord cutting connects brands more intimately with consumers

[Credit: Fortune]

[Credit: Fortune]

Opportunities for the New Year

A few more predictions and places to make investments in 2016 include:

It’s good to note that this blog is built on quick, conversational research get a point across but encompasses some thoughts and practices we do believe to see more of in 2016. Would love to hear your comments, questions, and overall feedback! Another great resource (on top of those already linked above) for keeping up with the latest and greatest in social is Adweek’s Social Times newsletter. Go subscribe and thank us later.

Happy Holidays and New Year to you all – Cheers!

Steffan & Team O9

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