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Are Marketing Trends as Risky as Fitness Fads?

Our copywriter / token digital native Travis Broyles brings you a tale of pudgy adolescence, his bodybuilder dad, and what all this has to do with your online marketing strategy. Spoiler alert: you might be stuck in an infinite loop of misguided investments. Let’s trim the fat! I was a chubby, awkward kid. Big shoulders. Ham hock… (Continue)

What a Dress and Llamas Can Teach Us About Taking Risks in Digital Marketing

Viral is not a spell anyone can intend to cast. It is something that happens when you least expect it, with no warning or formula. But there are ways you can align yourself with contagious content. In this post we explore certain factors that led to yesterday’s viral sensations, and talk about how to adapt… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 11/10-11/14

Space: the final frontier. Also a seemingly awesome vacation! That’s why we’re spending our Thanksgiving on Comet 67P, humanity’s hippest spot for star bathing and crater skating. Er, okay, so we’re a long way off, but this week, for the first time in the history of space exploration, we have landed a space probe on a… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 10/27-10/31

Welcome to another spoOoOoky edition of The Only Links You’ll Ever Need, where we offer the most terrifyingly interesting content from this week’s (spider) web… Actually, let’s stop the schtick for a second. You know, I really thought people still liked this whole Halloween thing. But here I sit, writing a blog post, and I’m the… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 10/20-10/24

Google introduced Inbox this week, which promises a much easier way to digest all of your incoming email. We’d agree… if we could get our hands on an invi te. Like any new Google product, the tech world is scrambling to get in line first, even going so far as Ebaying their invites, some selling… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 10/13-10/17

Everything was in the news this week. Everything. Huge announcements from CBS and HBO. A slew of new from Apple. Havoc in the gaming community. Is it just us, or does every recent story seem to have massive implications? We’d call it exciting times if there wasn’t all this bad news to go along with it. That’s why we’re bringing you five awesome sites to… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 10/6 – 10/10

After an incredible week at SouthWiRED, we here at Object 9 are ready to rest our marketing minds to come out swingin’ on Monday. But before we take to the mountains for our synergistic spirit journey, we wanted to give you this. No really, go ahead, open it! Open it! Ah, screw it, I’ll just tell… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 9/29 – 10/3

This week on the internet: drastic overreaction! The discovery that some new iPhones bent under the pressure of tight pants drove common citizens into a frenzy. Some consumers (read: two teenage Android fans) even turned to iViolence when they forcedly bent an iPhone 6 Plus at an Apple store in the UK. It was then revealed that the problem had only… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 9/15 – 9/19

Congratulations Internet. You did it. You brought Surge back. We’ve been through a lot in the past twelve years… Keyboard Cat. N64 Kid. The entire lifespan of the iPod. But you never forgot the one that got away: a soda that made the entire world shrug. Good work, team. Meanwhile, we’re drinking the original supremely caffeinated soft drink and roundin’ up The Only… (Continue)

The Only Links You’ll Ever Need (This Week) 9/7 – 9/12

This week on the internet: utter chaos. Many of our favorite sites faked sick in protest of a cable merger, while Apple’s livestream troubles proved to be all too real. One would hope their buffering problems were also just an act for a good cause, but in actuality it was just their servers lagging while… (Continue)

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