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Social Strategy: Content Marketing

Content distribution is a rapidly evolving practice these days, with increasingly diverse ways to spread your words, images, and videos to your audience. For example, how are live streaming services (like Periscope) molding the way we’ll consume content in the future? Brands need to be on board with adapting new media, leveraging the latest software and technologies to get… (Continue)

Startup & Entrepreneurial Marketing

This is a recap of the AMA June Signature Luncheon event, Linking Entrepreneurial Marketing with Innovation and Performance. Really great event with a rock star group of speakers. And, being a startup centered group, the feel was slightly less formal than the typical Signature Luncheon. A lot more laughter, and even some cut-up jeans! Panelists… (Continue)

Turner CMO Roundtable

Who? Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association + Object 9’s Steffan What? Turner CMO Roundtable When? June 4, 2015; Breakfast Where? TBS, Inc Roundtable Speakers: Jeff Gregor, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, TBS & TNT Jeff Mirman, Vice President of Marketing, Turner Sports Michael Ouweleen, Chief Marketing Officer, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang Moderator: Melinda McLaughlin, Senior Vice President &… (Continue)

Digital Summit 2015

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “content marketing,” over the course of the two day Digital Summit conference, I could have raised enough money to pay for next year’s ticket. Content marketing, and more specifically, content itself were definitely the theme of the conference. “Content is king” was mentioned in almost… (Continue)

Data Visualization

Who? Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association + Object 9’s Steffan & Gregg What? Data Visualization – Why, How, and Tools When? May 14, 2015; Lunch Where? Atlanta Tech Village Panel: Courtney Perigo – Senior Director of Analytics, Moxie Otto Loewy – Lead Data Insights Analyst, VML Tomson Karivelil – Associate Director of Research and Development, New Fields Moderator: Tomer Tishgarten – Solutions… (Continue)

Driving ROI Through Operational Maturity

Who? Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association + Object 9’s Sarah Arrington What? AIMA Email SIG Panel Recap Where? Atlanta Tech Village When? April 23, 2015 Panel: Jon Parise, Director of Customer Marketing, Kabbage Elizabeth Perry, Technical Product Manager, Permission Marketing, Cox Media Group Carey Paris, eMarketing Manager, Mizuno Moderator: Dave Walters, Product Evangelist, Silverpop Excited to hear… (Continue)

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

If you’re like me, you’re probably not feeling up for an entire 432-page book right now. But we felt these seven habits were so powerful that we’d pull together a (very) brief summary of Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, to give you a quick overview. First published in… (Continue)

Personal Branding

Who? Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association + Object 9’s Steffan Pedersen (me!) What? Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand When? May 6, 2015; Breakfast Where? Atlanta Tech Village Panelists: Adam Naide of Cox Communications Joe Koufman of AgencySparks Brian Rudolph of AT&T Teresa Caro of Atlanticus Moderator: Jen Osbon of UGA’s Terry College; the coolest professor (Go Dawgs) The discussion began around… (Continue)

Are Marketing Trends as Risky as Fitness Fads?

Our copywriter / token digital native Travis Broyles brings you a tale of pudgy adolescence, his bodybuilder dad, and what all this has to do with your online marketing strategy. Spoiler alert: you might be stuck in an infinite loop of misguided investments. Let’s trim the fat! I was a chubby, awkward kid. Big shoulders. Ham hock… (Continue)

Classic Brand Revival: LEGO

Did you know that the LEGO Group was on the brink of bankruptcy in the early 2000s, before catapulting itself to its current 2015 position as the “World’s Most Powerful Brand?” I, for one, had no idea of LEGO’s struggles and failures, up until last week’s AMA Luncheon featuring LEGO Systems VP of Marketing Mike… (Continue)

Millennials: Just Like Everyone Else

You’ve heard the buzz: millennials are self-absorbed and think everyone on the team should get a trophy. That Millennials are digital addicts, too immersed in their cellphones to connect with other people. They can’t make a decision without getting everyone’s input. But is this true? AMA Atlanta weighed in at Tuesday’s Signature Luncheon meeting, Millennials in… (Continue)

What a Dress and Llamas Can Teach Us About Taking Risks in Digital Marketing

Viral is not a spell anyone can intend to cast. It is something that happens when you least expect it, with no warning or formula. But there are ways you can align yourself with contagious content. In this post we explore certain factors that led to yesterday’s viral sensations, and talk about how to adapt… (Continue)

2015 Social Media Trends

At Object 9, we’re always thinking ahead. What’s next in the world of mobility and wearables? What are we going to do if another “snowstorm” hits Atlanta? And most importantly, when’s that French press going to be ready? If you’re like us and want to know what’s coming, here’s a bit of insight into what we can expect… (Continue)

Social Media Super Bowl

Out of all the excuses to eat seven layer dip, the Super Bowl is definitely the most socially accepted. That’s why I sat down with Travis Broyles, fellow Object 9’er and dip enthusiast, to crack a bag of tortilla chips and figure out what this hubbub was all about. Fortunately the game ended up being a solid… (Continue)

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was another great year for Object 9. We made a lot of great content, expanded our areas of expertise, and ate our fair share of office pastries. So thank you for being a part of our best year yet. We wouldn’t be here without the support. So to put a pin in 2014, we thought… (Continue)

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