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TEDxPeachtree: Be a Ripple

Who: Atlanta wave-makers
What: An independently organized TED event, TEDxPeacthree
Theme: Be a Ripple
When: Friday, November 13, 2015
Where: Ferst Center, Georgia Tech, Atlanta

The scheduled programming for the day went through four main sessions: Spark, Shift, Disrupt, and Connect. Each session contained 4 or 5 highly talented speakers, including some official TED Talk video clips, such as Miguel Nicolelis’ “brain to brain communications” telepathy discussion in between. The format was excellent, and allowed for perfectly timed conversation breaks and lunch, without breaking the flow or excitement of the day. If you’ve never been to a TEDx event, I highly recommend getting out of the office for some inspiration and motivation, as well as connecting with the do-ers of your local community! Let’s dive in.


The Ripple Effects of a Cashless Society, by Richard Wright, Criminologist


TED Talk Kenneth Shinozuka: “My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe.”

Can Assistive Robots Transform Retirement? by Jenay Beer, Engineering Psychologist

The Magic of Music in Stimulating Computer Science Learning, by Brian Magerko, Cognitive Scientist

We can All be Someone’s Hero, by Chris McCord, Youth Developer

(conversation break)


The World Doesn’t Need Another New Charity, by Kirk Bowman, Political Scientist

Genealogy of the Byrd Family, by M. Ayodele Heath, Performance Poet

Why the Ocean is Your Friend for Life, by Alistair Dove, Marine Biologist

Compete to Win Hip-Hop Style, by Glenn ‘Daddy-O’ Bolton, Hip-Hop Music Producer


Our Better Future Lies in Thinking Forward, by Jennice Vilhauer, Psychologist

(lunch break)


Beatbox Performance, by HeaveN Beatbox + the Atlanta Celli

Why Your Brain Needs Startups, by Jordan Amadio, Neuroscience Catalyst

TED Talk Miguel Nicolelis: “Brain to brain communications.”

Building Robots that Respond to Social Cues, by Andrea Thomaz, Roboticist


(conversation break)


Moving with Purpose, by Galo Alfredo Naranjo, Movement Explorer

Want to Unlock Your Inner Creativity? Ditch Your Friends. by Jill Perry-Smith, Organizational Behavioralist


Like, Like, by Theresa Davis, Performance Poet

TED Talk Sophie Scott: “Why we laugh”

Uniting the World, One Song at a Time, by Eric Dozier, Cultural Activist



And last, but certainly not least, Grammy Award-winning, and Atlanta-native band Arrested Development, performed a few songs to wrap up the day!


The official TEDxPeachtree blog recap is here. You can also check out the recap from Hypepotamus here, and AgencySparks here! Finally, a great job by our friends Jacqui ChewDana Barrett, and their crew in pulling it all together, and being rockstars as always.


For more from this year, and to stay updated for next year, follow TEDxPeachtree on their social channels:
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Facebook: TEDxPeachtree Page
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All photos credited to Steffan Pedersen, TEDxPeachtree, Wild Lookout.

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