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Were We Right About 2015?

Last year it was pretty chilly towards the end of the year. This year, Atlanta is bringing the heat and that goes for social too. Hot new social trends continue to make dramatic changes on the Internet. Let’s take a look and see how our social predictions for 2015 compare to the trends that became a hit and will be useful in 2016.

Following and Listening

In terms of listening to audiences on social media, we’ve learned that the Internet is maturing in the sense that a simple like or follow isn’t going to be enough to grab one’s attention all the time. This explains the growth in smart followers and in the new year, digging deep to find the people that have a passion or strong desire to try your brand is the best way to seek out new followers.

“Live” Content is King

Certainly we can expect live updates to be a big hit in 2016. However, viewing Snapchat My Stories for minutes on end won’t be the only source. Periscope has grown exceptionally and may very well continue to be among the top leaders for live broadcasting. Does this mean a decline in scheduling posts? Not necessarily, but live posts will definitely become more of a hit in the upcoming months.

Golden Ashby from shocase.com mentions in a recent post:

“Social media posting is already “live” by nature, but we will just be expanding upon this. Periscope, which was recently acquired by Twitter is a great example. Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else and it allows users to give a live video broadcast of some stretch of their lives.”

Unplugging vs. Plugging In

Last year, we mentioned that Yik Yak and wearables were going to be the leading forces in terms of unplugging. Individuals are still relying on new technologies and platforms to openly reflect on their day-to-day events. Yet, it seems to be that social networks as a whole have become a new form of search engine, forcing people to become more ‘plugged-in’ with themselves and their favorite brands. Whether it’s being able to buy clothes right off of your Pinterest board or reading quick newsworthy facts from Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are the reason 88% of consumers are inclined to making a decision through reviews they read via social networks.

From what we’ve seen, social media marketing improved in 2015 and now we know how to make the most of these new practices for 2016. So let’s make a note of what we can use for the new year. Thank you to shocase.com for the noteworthy facts and useful suggestions for social media in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year and here’s to 2016! If you’re interested in digital marketing, branding, Internet trends, and keeping up with our most recent posts, follow us on Twitter (@Object9) or like us on Facebook.

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